Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wire Wrap Rings, New Design

Sunday is almost gone and another busy week ahead.
I am not going to say a lot today.
Well, I haven't been talking a lot lately anyway :)
Just sharing two recently completed wire wrap rings.
One new dainty design, which is not that difficult to make if you have tried out my Sparkly Crystal Ring project. Instead of Swarovski crystals, I used 14k gold filed beads instead. Those in the pictures are all jade.
Needs more coordination though, while wrapping the wire around the ring shank to finish off the project. It gets easier the more rings you wrap :)
Feel free to ask if you have questions.
Wire wrapped jade rings- Daisy Ring

Dainty wire wrapped jade rings-Daisy Ring

Wire wrapped jade rings-Daisy Ring around finger

Here is another familiar ring, the Fruity one
Wire wrap fruity ring with mixture of gemstones

Wire wrap fruity ring around the mandrel

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