Thursday, June 28, 2012

All the Glitters Wire Wrap Rings

How time flies. July is just a few days away.
In a blink of an eye half of 2012 is gone.
There were lots of plan for 2012 but looks like I have not been able and would not be able to fulfill lots of them. With only weekends for wire jewelry, sewing (yeah sewing! been at it since last year actually and planning to post something soon :) Stay tune), the boys and their activities, shopping, and many many other "hobbies", it is time to look back at my time management :) and priorities. Its going to be difficult, after all we only have 24hr a day.
Anyway, first thing first, here are some more sparklies or can I say Glitters, for your viewing pleasure.
These sparkly rings are wire wrapped with 14k gold filled wire and beads, similar with others made earlier. However, the wrapping for this batch is much simpler and straight forward.
A handful of wire wrapped sparkly ring
 The pictures didn't do justice to these rings. They really glitter in "real life".

Really sparkly wire wrapped rings

Closeup of the wire wrapped sparkly ring
 Now you know why they really glitters in "real life" :)
sparkly wire wrapped rings around my finger
Two sizes of beads - 8mm and 10mm.
Check out my Sparkly Ring Tutorials here.


  1. Very Very Very beautiful rings!!!Bravo!!Kisses from Greece.

  2. Wow...look at the gorgeous rings! Hope all is well Mei? It has been awhile since I've been by...

    I is hard to imagine this is already July...time goes by so quickly.


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