Sunday, July 08, 2012

Sewing - Pencil Case for Henry

Remember I mentioned about sewing in my previous post?
Well, I wanted to post earlier but only manage to do it today.
I know it is not related to wire jewelry but I have some ideas in my little head on combining this two one day.
Tried this once before here, but I got distracted after that. And also some old projects here....

Now about my sewing....I am self thought just like wire jewelry. Learned most of it from my mom (ermm about 30 years ago....) but only the most basic i.e. sewing in straight line...very little actually. So, the most popular sewing projects are pillowcases and blankets...LOL. Sew quite a few of them. The patchwork blanket I made for myself and been accompanying me from my teen till now and all around the country for more than 20 years ago is still around. William "inherited" it from me now but with lots of "patchwork" to cover up the old patches. Can't show picture know, shy shy....
Another item I sewed myself and that still accompany me till this day is a cross stitched pencil case.

Unlike 20/30 years ago, sewing is made easier by the internet. Tonnes of tutorials/lessons are available online for self learner like me. This pencil case here is based on Ayumi of Pink Penguin's (love her work and blog) tutorial for a wristlet. I left out the internal pocket and handle but her step by step instruction is very easy to follow :). 
pencil case sewed for Henry
Freehand embroidered letters.
pencil case for Henry
 ....with lining.....
Henry with his pencil case
The happy little guy with his first handmade pencil case.


  1. Congratulations Mei on making such a great pencil case for Henry...he looks very happy!

    Isn't it fun sometimes to do something different...still creative and fun!


  2. Looks great! I love the hand stitched letters! So glad my tutorial helped with the zip :)

  3. Wow excellent pencil case,this case i remember my childhood days.Thanks for sharing nice and amazing post with us.


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