Friday, August 10, 2012

Herringbone Weaved Rings

When I managed to steal some time the other day, I revisited an older project and here is what I whipped up - few Herringbone Weaved Rings.
This is one of the techniques I fell in love with when I first started with this wire jewelry addiction. Eni has a free tutorial for it and it should be available at her JL site.

This ring variation was created by me back then, when I have not seen it done into a ring (now you see them everywhere! Can I say I made it popular?...wink! I am sure there are people who got something to say about this). I wrote a free tutorial for this ring and shared it with whoever were interested back then. You must be one of them who has gotten them...hehe... can't find the free tutorial in this blog anymore. I have since taken it down.

However, the tutorial is still available for Free if you purchase this other tutorial - the Caged Herringbone Weaved Bead. Yeah! my own variation to the Herringbone Weave.

Herringbone Weaved Rings with pearl, swarovski crystals

The pearl HBW rings are quite pretty don't you think so?
Note to self - make more of them.
More HBW Rings here - HBW Rings
More Tutorials here - Wire Jewelry Tutorials


  1. Love the rings Mei! I've made a number of earrings and pendants with this pattern but never a ring...

    Looks a bit more fiddly... :~)


  2. Very pretty rings. And very nice work. I've made a couple rings before but haven't tried this weave. Thank you for sharing.


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