Monday, July 23, 2012

Wire Wrap Malachite Necklace & Murano Bracelet

Look at these.
They have been sitting around in the hard drive for a while.
I totally forgotten about them....erm....blame that on "time" again and forgetfulness...hehehe.
Anyway, this wire wrap necklace is of Malachite and "yet to remember the name of the stone". Duh! 
Its pale blue in color....I think the name has something to do with "water".
I'd appreciate it very much if any of you know the name of this stone and care to let me know in the comment section. Thanks.
Wire wrapped Malachite necklace

Wire wrapped Malachite necklace

I ever made an almost similar bracelet before.
The same Murano Glass Bead with some handmade hammered wire charms.
Hammering wire is very therapeutic :)
Murano Glass Bracelet

Murano Glass Bracelet and wire charms

Murano Glass Bracelet and wire charms


  1. aquamarine? :o)
    beautiful both - the necklace and the bracelet, and I love the charms with the theraphy behind them ;o)

  2. Amazonite, aquamarine, aventurine...those are the first things that come to mind. It's beautiful!

  3. Thanks Porana, Laurelmoon :)
    Maybe it is Aquamarine but I am not very sure.

  4. Lovely pieces first thought for the pale green stone is aquamarine, or aventurine or amazonite??? :~)

    I know I have on occasion lost a tag and then I'm not sure either what the stone is...



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