Friday, October 19, 2012

Wire Weave Stud Earrings and Cross - Lapiz Lazuli

I have written about Lapiz Lazuli
previously – Lapiz as Healing Stone.
Well, it didn't get rid of my migraine
headache…yet….because I don’t put it on all the time but who knows.

However, I am still in awe with this dark blue gemstone which is regarded as a stone of truth and friendship and believe to helps the wearer to be authentic and allow self-expression/confidence.

Few months back, I purchased a teardrop and oval shaped Lapiz suitable for pendant and ring. Been meaning to wire wrap them for self but as usual, many ideas ran through my head when I first saw them but once they reached home, they’ll be sitting in the box for many moons to come…haha....bad habit.

These pair of wire weaved stud earrings and cross is commissioned by a friend. I employed the weaving technique for the cross as well as the Herringbone weave for studs.
Herringbone wire weaved stud earrings, Lapiz Lazuli

How do you like the earrings?
Me too…I love it…hehe
Notice the tiny golden shimmer?
They are not gold, how I wish, but pyrites.

Wire weaved cross with Lapiz Lazuli

Today is my favorite day....yay its Friday!
Don't we all look forward to Friday :)

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  1. I love the earrings and cross are gorgeous! Your wire wrapping is amazing Mei...

    I'm such a huge fan of the deep blue with the flashes of gold shimmer, a very special stone.


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