Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year of the Snake 2013

Finally an update and a belated Chinese New Year wish to all you readers out there.
The last day of my CNY holiday.
Back to work tomorrow.....but meself still in holiday moodleh.
Why do time seems to pass by faster when we are on holiday?
I am sure a lot of you feel the same way right...hehe.

Sharing with you the happenings during this year CNY celebration.
First of all...FOOD.
As usual the Fish Maw Soup, the main dish and my (and others) fav.
Fish sound hotpot soup CNY 13 @ Wirebliss

Prawns - for happiness and good fortunes
Steamed prawns for CNY 13 @ Wirebliss

Children - for happiness, family unity and good fortunes (my own symbolism..hehe)
This is Abbie, all the way from Switzerland.
Henry's "1 Million Stars" little cousin sister.
The stars are Henry's own rating for cuteness.
Influenced by ratings given for apps.
Obviously 5 stars is not enough to describe her cuteness...
CNY 2013 Henry and Abbie - Wirebliss

Children and fireworks.
This year the boys played lots of them - happiness.
Children playing fireworks @ Wirebliss

Horsing! - happiness for Abbie.
She loves horsing around with the Kokos (brothers).
Abbie horsing around with the Koko @ Wirebliss

Hiyah! Look how fierce she is.
Abbie horsing around with the Koko @ Wirebliss

"1 Million Stars" cuteness.
Henry with the cutest baby

The day after CNY Eve.
Red papers from the fire crackers.
Firecrackers @ Wirebliss

Its hard to say goodbye to the "1 Million Star" after a week together.
Look how Henry is holding onto her....
Hard to say goodbye @ Wirebliss

I hope your CNY was a blast.

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