Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Should I or should I not?

The Valentine's Sales at my Artfire shop ended today.
Well, what can I say?
The sales is quite disappointing.
Maybe on my part I didn't do enough marketing.
Maybe people are not interested with DIY wire jewelry anymore, or maybe the market is saturated with too many projects? Or people just don't have the time.
I am contemplating shutting down my Artfire Shop.
It is not making enough to cover the monthly fee.

Do you have a store at Artfire?
How's your sales at Artfire?
If you have both Artfire and Etsy, which one is doing better?
I seems to get customers organically to my Etsy shop but not Artfire.
In fact, compared to Etsy, Artfire is easier to make purchase as it doesn't requires you to register.
Should I or should I not?

On another note, if you are still doing Valentine's shopping, and would like something different from Etsy and Artfire, you may want to check out Wholesale Jewellery. There is a section for Valentine's jewelry as well.

Before I sign off, here is a recently completed wire wrap New Zealand jade (or green stone) pendant for your inspiration.
This is done using the netted method similar to this turquoise pendant.
Love the green color.

wire wrap, viking knit NZ jade pendant

wire wrap, viking knit NZ jade pendant

wire wrap, viking knit NZ jade pendant, side view


  1. Mei, first let me say thanks for the v-day sale.
    I closed down my Artfire store a year ago when I started seeing them taking in everything, handmade or not. I made a few sales, but not enough on etsy. My opinion is if you don't have the time or as with me the inclination to be constantly self promoting your stuff it will always be a challenge to bring in new people, especially now with everyone wanting to become internet millionaires with handmade stuff. I love your tutes, I still learn a lot of technique from tutes, and I have been playing with wire for over twenty years. Keep creating them please you are very talented at teaching your methods. I stay in touch with what you do from your blog feed and I spend when I have the money and will continue to do so. Carry On

  2. Hi Mei, I have been a very happy purchaser of your tutorials in the past. I do hope you continue to do them and sell them - and I am sure wherever you decide the best online marketplace is, your loyal followers will find you :). I'm trying to remember where I 1st found you and I think maybe it was a feature on someone elses blog.

    I love the New Zealand flavour to this post as well - I am a proud New Zealander, and it is always great to see something originating from here featured in the wider world stage :)


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