Sunday, September 08, 2013

DIY Tutorial - Stringing your Own Beaded Bracelets and Necklace

As mentioned in the previous post, here is the tutorial on how to make your stringed beaded bracelet or necklace.

You may find this slightly different from what you are used to seeing as I didn't use any crimp bead. Nevertheless, the end result is still the same.

How much time needed?
Allocate about an hour to make 3.
Yeah! A quick and easy project.
Lets get started.....
Materials needed for stringing beads by Wirebliss
The above picture shows materials required for 2 bracelets and a necklace.
For each, you will need:
  • Metal string
  • 2 Metal beads
  • 1 Split ring or jump ring
  • 1 Clasps
  • Beads/stones of your choice (number of beads depend on the length of the bracelet and necklace).

  • Insert beads by Wirebliss
    Step 1: Thread all the beads. I thread all at once as I will string each bracelet one after the other. This way also ensure no wastage of your string.

    Insert metal bead and clasp by Wirebliss
    Step 2: Insert the metal bead followed by the clasp.

    Bring back through metal bead by Wirebliss
    Step 3: Bring the string back through the metal bead.

    Knot the string by Wirebliss
    Step 4: Move the metal bead towards the clasp to tighten and tie a knot close to the metal bead.
    Yeah, a knot instead of crimp.

    Stringed Bracelet - Tia a knot by Wirebliss
    Step 5: Tie another round of knot if you like and cut off excess string.

    Split ring for Bracelet by Wirebliss
    Step 6: On the other end, insert the metal bead, bring the wire over the split ring and back through the metal bead. Tighten and tie a knot or two.

    Step 7: Cut off excess string and your are done.

    Repeat the above with the next group of beads.

    If you have questions, feel free to add comment or use the contact form at the top right hand side of this page.

    Happy stringing!

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