Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ever Versatile Pearls

Sunday inspiration.
Still with stringing.
This time around for these two pearl necklaces, one multi strand and one single strand.

Since I have been making lots of stringing jewelry lately, (yeahsome I didn't even bother to take pictures of and post here), I will be posting a short DIY tutorial on how I normally string necklaces and bracelets.
So, stay tune and have a great Sunday.
Multistrand Pearl Necklace by WireBliss
Not all rounded but still beautiful nevertheless

Closeup of Multistrand Pearl Necklace by WireBliss

Single strand Pearl Necklace by WireBliss
More uniform roundness but not that smooth, but still beautiful :)

Lobster Clasp for Pearl Necklace by WireBliss
Lobster clasp is more user friendly. Stainless steel beads and split ring too


  1. Pearls are always beautiful on jewelry, especialy necklaces!
    Hi, i'm Christina from FauxBilicious.
    Check out my blog here:

  2. Thanks Christina for stopping by.
    Will visit your site later.


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