Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why are they so Cheap? Too Good to be True

Yeah, I am referring to these silver necklaces and bracelet that I got from Bangkok recently.
I came across them at a small stall, inside a huge mall.
Everything was spread out on the table - necklaces, rings, bracelets, cuff, and each of them priced at a flat rate of 100 Thai Baht. The size and weight does not matter.
They are all 100TB/piece.
Wouldn't you go crazy? :)
I did for a while....hehe.
I just couldn't resist grabbing a few as souvenir and just out of curiosity.
Genuine or not doesn't really matter for that price right?
Closeup of very shiny Chiengmai Silver Wireblissmei
Assuming they are genuine, a piece of similar necklace would have cost around RM100 or more here.
That's about 1000TB.
So, 10 pieces for 1000TB is really very attractive no?

Are they genuine? Judging by the price, its too good to be true/genuine.
Well, honestly I wouldn't know and of course they are silver if you ask the vendor.
He pointed to a piece of paper at the corner that says "Chiangmai Silver". its genuine? Nevermind. I grabbed a few anyway.
Very shiny Chiengmai Silver Wireblissmei
Out of curiosity, I googled for Chiangmai Silver but couldn't find anything similar to that I purchased.
Most searched results referred to sites located in Chiangmai.
Very shiny Chiengmai Silver and tarnishing Wireblissmei
They are really shiny though.
They do tarnish after a while as you can see the cuff in the picture above.
No worries about tarnishing as I can clean them up easily.
Check my posting on the easiest and safest way to clean silver here.

If you have any knowledge about Chiang Mai Silver, do enlighten me and my readers here.
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