Saturday, November 02, 2013

Crafty Community-Craft Promotion Malaysia 2013

This took place about two months ago.
As usual, I am slow with photo editing.
Some of the photo quality is not so good so bear with me.
These are pictures of the Malaysia Craft Promotion 2013, organised by the Malaysian Handicraft Development Corporation from 30 Aug to 8 Sept.

There were about 70 craft entrepreneurs who took part and they came from all over Malaysia and showcased their products based on textile, metal, wood, clay and various other crafts.
Enjoy the photos and have a great weekend.
Malaysia Craft Promotion 2013 WireBliss
At the entrance.
Hand Rool Ceramic Beads at Craft Promotion Malaysia 2013 WireBliss
 Some lovely hand roll ceramic beads.
Lunbawang Clay Beads at Craft Promotion Malaysia 2013
This Lun Bawang clay beads. Just awesome and expensive.
The Lun Bawang is one of the indigenous people of Sarawak.
Most of them found on the northern part of Sarawak - Limbang and Lawas.
Lunbawang Clay Beads how to at Craft Promotion Malaysia 2013
The Lun Bawang are famous beaders.
A silversmith at work at Craft Promotion Malaysia
A silver smith at work.
Silversmith at Craft Promotion Malaysia 2013

Silversmith at Craft Promotion Malaysia 2013
Some of the ring he crafted.
Looks like the real thing
Looks familiar? Looks like the Pandora charm bracelet ya.
They are not the real thing but you can find them all over the place.
Shell ducks
Cute ducks crafted from shell.
Hand crafted baskets
Traditional fish traps made from bamboo, i think.
Sape the traditional orang ulu guitar
The Sape, a traditional Orang Ulu guitar/ music instrument.
Giant wooden bench
A giant wooden bench.
Textile section
 Keringkam - A Malay weaving art, similar to embroidery.
 What is Keringkam?
Textile stall
Pua Kumbu, a traditional woven cotton cloth of the Iban ethnic group.
The motifs of the design are those of animals, plants or other daily activities.
That's all for now.


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