Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Jewelry Storage

Now that I think about it, I actually never talk about this topic – jewelry storage.
Maybe because I do not have many finished jewelry ;)
That’s why I am more into storing stones and beads.
Storing stones and beads is not difficult. I mostly use plastic containers like these here.
Beads storage and collection
Beads storage and collection

As for finished jewelry, people says it is an art in itself. Some use wine glasses to hang earrings, twist wires to make wire trees to hang necklaces and earrings (ehm! planning to do this), modify old picture frames into jewelry frames, and many many more ways depending on your creativity and of course budget and space.
Mine is quite simple here and rather "artless". I simply throw everything into this individual compartment here ;-)
Beads storage and collection
Psst! I hang some of my necklaces and rings on the clothes hooks too.
This way, I can just choose which one to put on when I change my clothes...for convenient sake.


  1. I'm amazed Mei...you are very organized!!! I've got to come up with some kind of system as everything I have is very unorganized!!! :0)

    You have inspired me to work at it...I'm moving next week so much is packed but once I'm settled I'll get at it!!!
    Lovely jewelry box by JewelryBoxes123...although I like your organization for your jewelry as well...

  2. OMG Mei, you have got a very rich inventory there! I guess being organized help heaps in jewelry making i a long run!!!

  3. I really love to see this post, thanks for sharing.

    and love ur wire jewelry too.. i watch ur handmade jewelry long time ago, now just drop a comment~ well.. u r great!!

  4. Thank you Pussycat for being a loyal reader and glad to be able to inspire you too.
    All the best.


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