Thursday, February 06, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year, Year of the Horse 2014

Happy Chinese New Year 2014 to family, friends and loyal readers of this blog of mine.

Thank you for being around and hopefully you would stick around for many many Chinese New Years to come :)

This year, as in previous years, we celebrated moderately consisting mostly the same kind of stuff:
Lantern during Chinese New Year 2014
  • On the eve, we had the reunion dinner where family members from near and far sit together for the dinner (basically food, food and more food). This year we have Annabel, Kwang and Abby over for the dinner as well (their first after moving back to Kuching). The reunion dinner is considered the biggest event of the Chinese New Year. As such children always make it a point to get "home" for this occasion no matter where they are. Not for me though, as I am considered married into dear hubby's family so I am with hubby and family (ah, complicated tradition ya? Never mind, leave this for some other time).

Reunion Dinner 2014 at WireBliss
As usual, my favorite is the one right in the middle - fish maw soup :)
The rest....well I can ignore them.

  • Final cleaning of the whole house after the reunion dinner (to sweep away ill old luck and welcome the new good luck). I thought we can rest after the fulfilling dinner but NO, we have to work some more....right till before the clock strike 12:00 am. Can't bring the dirt into the new year.
  • Setting off fireworks (to scare off the bad spirit) at the strike of 12:00 am (although others started way earlier, like after dinner).
Chinese New Year 2014 at WireBliss - Fireworks
I am not good at taking fireworks pic.
This is the best pic I took.
  • Next day, on the first day of CNY, first thing first, we distributed red packets or Angpows (with $$$) to the parents and the boys and the unmarried family members.
Chinese New Year 2014 with WireBliss - Angpows Money
When we were young and single, this is what we looked forward
to every Chinese New Year because we were at the receiving end.
Once we got married (without kid yet), we don't look forward
to this because we will be distributing but not receiving :(
Once we have kids of our own, we don't really mind because
we will be both, giving and receiving...hehe.
Of course they go into the boys' account.
In this case, it is better to have more kids. You will receive more...LOL
  • Then we dressed up a bit, preferably in red (pinkish for me this year), ready to receive visiting family and friends and vice-versa.

Chinese New Year 2014 - with Henry
With Henry.
Looky, my tourmaline necklace.
Very matching my dress ya..<3 love
    Chinese New Year 2014 - Henry feeding Abby
    Ahhhhhhhhhmmmm.......Henry feeding Abby cupcake.
    • We visited the temples, praying for a prosperous, successful, happy, joyful, healthy, abundance, bountiful, smooth, good luck, peaceful, etc. etc. new year of the horse.
    Chinese New Year 2014 WireBliss visiting the temples
    Tua Pek Khong Temple
    Chinese New Year 2014 with William and Henry
    At the temple with the boys.
    How fast they grow.
    William is almost as tall as I am.
    It was only like yesterday when I held
    this little tiny baby in my arms (10 years ago!)
    Chinese New Year 2014 William and Henry visiting
    William and Henry excited over the Kois.
    Chinese New Year 2014 at WireBliss, Koi fish
    Koi Fish symbolizes success and wealth.
    • Lion dance performance. They are usually invited to perform privately or at special functions, at different days of the Chinese New Year celebration.
    Chinese New Year 2014 Lion Dance with Henry
    ....look at the happy boy on the right hand corner....
    That's about it - the happenings around our 2014 Chinese New Year celebration.
    The way you celebrate yours might be slightly different from ours.
    Feel free to share and comment.


    1. Happy New Year! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this- I've never been to Malaysia, or Asia at all, so this is fascinating to me. Your pictures are great- that's amazing, how you captured the fireworks, and the koi, too. It all looks like such a lovely time! Hope you have a prosperous, health, and happy New Year!
      (Oh, and guess what? I've got a 10-year-old boy, too! Maybe if I get rich, they can have a playdate! LOL)

    2. Same here. I have never been to your side of the world too :) Overall the boys are having a great time and we have till Feb 14 which is the 15th day of CNY to celebrate.
      Yeah, maybe one day our boys can have a playdate ;)


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