Thursday, March 20, 2014

Exciting Gifts that Were Work for a Man, but are pH Balanced for a Woman

There are sections of the department store that you’d generally associate with either men or women, but not necessarily both.  For example, you’d probably only find women with the makeup, unless Halloween is right around the corner or if the David Bowie concert is just a block away. You’d probably also really only to expect men in the sporting goods section. While there are obviously tons of exceptions, we have been conditioned with certain expectations that aren’t necessarily true.

A gilded, sparkling and perfect example of this is a Rolex watch. One generally associates this, the Rolls Royce of all wristwear to be for men, but no, that assumption is very far from the truth indeed. Rolex has a vast and glamorous array of stunning watches for women that will make any fashionista salivate and lust after.
Just as it is with its masculine counterpart, a female inspired Rolex watch is more than just a watch.  It is a piece of art, it is a piece of jewelry. If you don’t believe me, and I don’t know why you wouldn’t, check out the specifics of Rolex at rolex watch repair or rolex watch repair los angeles and see what all the fuss (I’m making) is about. You will be immediately impressed, surprised and inspired to wear one.
Another fun example is a yoga class. Listen, I go to yoga almost every day.  It works. It helps with my posture, it works wonders for my mood, and it positively informs the rest of my day. However, to say that I enjoy it while I’m there is a slight stretch of the truth. While I struggle and sweat gracelessly from one pose to the next, all of the women in there are relaxed and elegant flamingoes, effortlessly and poetically moving their bodies along with the teacher. Women are naturally more flexible and I for one am unnaturally less flexible. I feel like a Homer Simpson among Jessica Simpsons in there, but I wouldn’t trade it.
A great example of a gift idea that seem fine for a man but more suitable to a woman’s tastes is the divine gift of chocolate fondue. Sure fellas will love this; no human in his or her right mind would not. However, there’s a certain almost mythical chemical reaction that takes place when women and chocolate mix. It’s like a massage to her soul, a balm to her cravings, an assurance that today is a good day. We live in an exciting age in the evolution of food, and lately I’ve been seeing a lot of enticing chocolate bars with bits of hot peppers and orange and all manner of creative variations. Men, if you love chocolate like you should, good. But always sacrifice it for the woman you love and you’ll both end up winners.

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