Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wire Jewelry - Wire Wrapped Pearl Studs and Tutorial

Looks familiar?
Yeah, I' ve made many many many of this studs before.
Check them out here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

On how to make this wire wrapped stud earrings, the tutorial (Direct/Instant Download) is over at my e-shops here:
Wire wrapped pearls studs by WireBliss
You can make this pair of stud earrings in less than 30 minutes :)
Wire wrapped pearls studs by WireBliss
In 30 minutes you have a cute little wire wrapped stud earrings.
(Last minute Valentine gift, maybe)
Wire wrapped pearls studs by WireBliss
This project is for the very beginner in wire jewelry.
You need minimum tools to make this. 

Here are some of the earrings done by others based on my tutorial.
Louise and Don's Version
Wire wrapped studs earrings by Don
Don added a little bow on top.
Linda of CrazedMagpie
Wire wrapped stud earrings by Linda
Linda's version.


  1. Hi
    I bought your tutorial sometime back. Where do I buy the stopper for the back of the earring. Is there a tutorial for a matching necklace?

  2. Hi Vas, you can find then in many places online. Google for it -


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