Thursday, April 10, 2014

DIY Earring Cards

The idea started long time ago but it didn't materialise until recently. I kind of procrastinated over it and just can't decide on the design. Same as my DIY Light Box previously.

Was thinking if I keep doing this (the procrastinating part - I do this a lot!), it will never going to happen. The other day I got a bunch of order for stud earrings (post about them later) and decided to create this earring cards once and for all. It is not final as I am forever changing the layout and design in my head but good enough for now.

What do you think of my DIY Earring Cards?
DIY Earring Cards by WireBliss
WireBliss logo in front together with websites and email address.
The white patch at the center of the purple card is double sided tape.
You can use stapler as well.
Here is the process involved.
I use Microsoft Word to create my cards as I am most familiar with it - use it everyday!
Alternatively, you can also use Power Point, Excel, Google doc, etc. etc. whichever you are familiar with. 
So, here goes:
  • Create an image/design (jpeg file or any picture file) that you'd like to place at the front of your earring card. If you don't have one, you can leave it blank - which means you can skip this step.
  • Since I have my logo in jpeg, I use that and added my website address below it.
  • In a new Word document, create a table (or insert table). 
  • If you do not know how to create table in Word, google or check it out here - create table 
  • Depending on the card size you want, determine the number of column for the table. 
  • Mine is 5 columns and 4 rows (1 column x 4 rows represent 1 card). The purpose of multiple rows is for ease of adjusting the height.
  • In the table, place the cursor at the spot where you would like to insert the image. Click on insert image, and look for the image you'd like to insert.
  • Make adjustment to the column width and row height till you have your desired earring card size, print it out on a piece of thick paper (100 gm).
  • I make the table borders visible so that I know where to cut and fold later on.
  • Cut the cards along the borders as shown below.
  • Use a needle to make 2 holes on each card and you are done.
Here is how my earring cards looks like + the measurement just to give you the idea - click on the pic to enlarge.
If you have other ways of making earring cards, do share or leave me a comment.
If you have suggestions or questions, do email or leave your comment here too.
DIY Earring Cards by WireBliss

DIY Earring Cards by WireBliss
Side view
That's all for today.

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