Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wire Jewelry - Wire Wrapped Pearl Studs

Made a couple of these simple wire wrapped studs the other day. All of them are pearl studs of different sizes, shapes and colors.

If you'd like to make them yourself, which would take about 30 minutes or less of your time (for a pair), you can find the tutorial here:
At Etsy, click *here*
At Craftsy, click *here*
Wire wrapped pearl stud earrings by Wirebliss - teardrop shape
The oblong/teardrop shape pearls really look pretty with this wrap.
Wire wrapped blue pearl stud by Wirebliss, modified
A bit of modification to the top of the earring - added a small loop.
Wire wrapped stud earrings by Wirebliss on DIY Earring cards
On the DIY Earring Cards.
Wire wrapped blue pearls stud earrings by Wirebliss

Wire wrapped stud earrings by Wirebliss on earring cards DIY
Another look before going into the box.
Wire wrapped stud earrings by Wirebliss ready to pack and ship
Ready to ship :) - Actually already shipped

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