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Minlace of colored stones for my favorite nephew

Monday, October 19, 2015

Its been a month since my last post!
Time really flies.
In between, I visited my dear mum for a few days with her.
Back home in Cat City we finally completed the 3 beds...yes DIY beds!
We worked day and night, weekdays and weekends.

While visiting mom, I got to meet my little nephew - Brandon. He was a baby the last time I saw him. He has grown lots, very intelligent and talkative. And guess what? He loves colorful gemstone, just like me. My buddy, we talk the same "language" :)
He kept looking and caressing my gemstone bracelets and necklace during our car journey back to mum's place. Kept saying he loves the colored gemstones.

His request is for a necklace with all the rainbow colored gemstones.
So, once back home, I quickly assembled all the colored gemstones that I have and wire wrapped this Minlace just for him. Otherwise, he kept asking when am I going to send him his colorful necklace.

Look at his happy face. He said "I like it!" Very cute.

Wire wrapped Minlace by WireBliss

Here are the gemstones beads that I use to wire wrap Brandon's Minlace - Prehnite, Peridot, Garnet, faceted and round Amethyst, Swarovski Crystal, Agate and Tourmaline.
Chain: Stainless steel chain link and lobster claw clasp.
Wire wrapped Minlace by WireBliss

Wire Wrapped Minlace @WireBliss

Henry tried it on but said its not his style.
Wire Wrapped Minlace at WireBliss


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