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Sarawak Craft Festival and Sarawak Regatta 2015

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

This took place last month, 18-27 Sept 2015 in conjunction with the Kuching Waterfront Festival.

This year, the handicraft booths was extra long. There were more than 300 booths selling all sorts of unique handicraft, mostly local Sarawak handicraft.

SCF @ WireBliss

▼ Entrance to the long stretch of handicraft booths.
SCF @ WireBliss

▼ Lots of handcrafted native beads - a feast for the eyes.
SCF @ WireBliss

▼Woven dresses, skirts, purse, silverwork, vests, hats from the highland tribe.
SCF 2015 @ WireBliss

SCF at WireBliss 2015

▼ I love the work of this artist. Its traditional and modern at the same time. The colors are very attractive.

▼ The native of Sarawak are well known for their woven craft.
These items here are made from natural material such as wood bark, leaves, bamboo and rattan.
SCF @ WireBliss

▼These are handicraft by the Iban ethnic group.
The Ibans are well known for their woven blanket known as 'pua kumbu’ as well as baskets, backpack, mats and silver accessories.
SCF @ WireBliss

▼Woodwork - bird cage and drum making.
SCF at WireBliss

▼This lady is not from northern Thailand or Myanmar. She is from the Bidayuh tribe and you can only find ladies like her in one village in the whole of Sarawak. Semban is a village in the Borneo Highland but villagers were recently relocated/resettled to a new area to give way for development.
She wears her copper rings around her forearms and calves (Luyang and Lasong), but none around the neck. Rare and unique tradition indeed. However, this tradition is dying as the younger generation no longer wear these rings.

SCF @ WireBliss

▼I was very tempted to get one of this carved wooden lamps. Very cute and fine craftmanship.
SCF @ WireBliss

▼Batik painting - the three of us took turns to finish this piece of Batik painting. Nice?
SCF @ WireBliss

▼The Sarawak Regatta at Kuching Waterfront.
The DUN (Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Building) is at the background.


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