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First Fail of 2016 - Lack of Inspiration and Warming Up

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

After few months away from my pliers, wires and stones, and finally finding a temporary "corner" as my work station, look at what I have been making.

First wire jewelry of the year of 2016 and this is what I came up with after several attempts.
Total failure! Thought it was easy to pick up where I left, but actually not as easy as in my mind.

All the failed attempts

Supposed to be a flora earrings.
*Sigh*..... dunno what I was doing.
Bend left and right still didn't get it them right.
I have it in my mind but somehow the fingers and bending was not working as it should be.

All the failed attempts

At some point, I think it is the wire size....ermmmm.
The gemstone beads maybe.

All the failed attempts

Arrrrrgh! Grrrrrrrr! Geramnya!

All the failed attempts

These 3 tries abandoned for another day.
Those frosted colored gemstones are 4mm frosted amazonite while the dark blue colored are Lapiz Lazuli.


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