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Wire Wrapped Flora Earrings

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Where have all the days gone?
Just blink and almost end of 2nd week of March.

Been wanting to post this earrings since the last post.
Remember the post about my failure.
That was last month but feels like it was only yesterday.

OK, this is the outcome of that many tries.
Not very satisfied but not so badlah.

Wire wrapped earrings by WireBliss 2016

Wire is 20g and hammered hard.
Wrapped each side of the earrings with different type of gemstone beads.
One side is wire wrapped with Lapis Lazuli.

Wire wrapped earrings by WireBliss 2016
The other with 4mm frosted Amazonite.

Close up pic is not close enough but that is the closest I could get with my hand-phone camera.
My "camera" is about to die of old age.
Time to look/get a new camera - *sigh* but the one I am drolling at is just so damn expensive *sigh*.

Wire wrapped flora earrings by WireBliss

Then there is the 4mm stainless steel spacer beads.

Someone commented that the style of the earrings look "oldish" i.e. suit older woman.
I do not agree but that is her honest opinion and no offence because i trust her 200%.

Right now I am thinking about retiring 1 or 2 of my tutorials at Craftsy, Etsy and Artfire
Wait for the announcement.

Till then have a great week and happy creating.


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