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Beaded Wire Wrapped Bookmarks

Monday, December 30, 2019

Is reading books a dying art?
The answer can be yes or no.
With the internet and modern devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets, ebook readers, etc, etc., our reading habit changes from the physical form of reading materials to digital forms instead.
It's so easy to access millions of reading material online and read to our heart content...of course if we have the time :)
So, what is the use of these beaded wire wrapped bookmarks if we read fewer and fewer books?
Well, some of us still love to hold and read physical books on our hands. 
The feeling of holding a book, the texture of the paper is just different from reading an ebook.
Like me...hehe....but I must admit reading more online though.

WireBliss - Beaded Wire Wrapped Bookmarks
They will look good in your novels...that special look
Cute dangle wire wrapped bookmark with Pearl
This one is with pearl..classic 
Cute Dangle Beaded Wire Wrapped Bookmarks
The reddish-brown (left) is agate while the other one is fire-polished beads
WireBliss - Beaded Wire Wrapped Bookmarks - Dangle with Pearl and Gemstones

WireBliss - Beaded Wire Wrapped Bookmarks - Top Heavy
These three are top-heavy instead of dangling at the side of the book
WireBliss - Beaded Wire Wrapped Bookmarks
They are all made of 15g stainless steel wire
Involved lots of hammering and knocking
WireBliss - Beaded Wire Wrapped Bookmarks
The wire bending to shape the bottom of the bookmark can be torturous. Yikes. Involve lots of finger and wrist power :D 
Still not finish editing and choosing the pics...will continue later.


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