Monday, January 18, 2021

CMCO is Back in Force till end of January 2021

Ceramic Beads Bracelet

Completed this bracelet yesterday.
Simple wire wrapped bracelet with 6 mm ceramic beads.

Wire wrapped ceramic beads bracelet on my hand

Wire wrapped ceramic beads bracelet close up

Wire wrapped ceramic beads bracelet

Baking an AI Cake

I admit that I am not good with baking or cooking but sometimes just feel like trying out some easy recipes that I stumble upon online.
Today, however, my 2 boys decided to bake me this AI made cake recipe by Google. It is a Cake-Cookie hybrid
First and foremost, it is an easy recipe....and the result is not disappointing although sunken at the center. 
Just as described "It has the crispiness of a cookie and the, well, “cakiness” of a cake.".
We agreed that it is a bit too sweet. 
So, next Cakie must remember to reduce the sugar. 
Yeah, there will be a next Cakie.

Any pointer on how to avoid the cake from sinking?

A slice of cakie

Half cut cakie on the plate

Cakie just out of the oven

The source of the recipe is from here - Cakie by Google 

Enjoy, stay safe and stay healthy. 

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