Thursday, August 23, 2007

Why Handmade Jewelry is Unique

What makes a handcrafted jewelry different from those you find at the malls or jewelry stores where they are mass produced and found everywhere? For me, a custom handcrafted jewelry is unique as it may be the only piece that exists in the whole wide world (I am exaggerating here! “*smile*) but seriously that is why it is unique and original. Given as a gift, it makes the recipient feel special, and the giver happy if the new owner appreciates and loves the gift. The uniqueness factor allowed the owner to feel they own something different from their friends and neighbors. There is no one handmade jewelry which is exactly alike even if someone tried to copy it. Ever since I started with wire jewelry, I have given friends and family numbers of pretties (lost count of it!) and it is a nice feeling being able to give something I handcrafted and love by most of the new owners. Here are some of the handcrafted wire jewelry that I have given away as gifts to family and friends: Bangle1, Bangle 2 (to be claimed later), TAW Bracelet, TAW goes International, Charm Bracelet, Memories, Copper Earring, Fish Hook, Flower Earring and Necklace Set, Flower Earring, Wire jewelry, Pearl earring and necklace set, Pearl Flower, Stringed necklace, Watch with pearl straps.


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