Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Post for 2007 & Happy New Year 2008

coiled wire hoop earringscoiled wire hoop earringscoiled wire hoop earringsTwo pairs of earrings I made today. The first one with the green beads is to be paired with the ethnic ring I made for myself few days ago and the second one is my first attempt with of hoops earrings......opps! I think that is what they are called ....correct me if I am wrong! :) On the side, while busy making earrings, the little one was busy playing with Ultraman stickers. He was sticking them on his face and I can't resist taking some shots of him at play. Then he cried (big brother William disturbed him) but still managed a smile for the camera......he likes to be photographed....:) Here are some new year messages I would like to share with all of you readers:
I wish you a Fantastic January, Lovable February, Marvelous March, Luckiest April, Enjoyable May, Successful June, Wonderful July, Independent August, Tastiest October, Beautiful November and Happiest December. Have a Blessed and Victorious year. HAPPY NEW YEAR. God Blessed 2008. Mr Chung family will visit me later. I'll ask them to visit you too! The Chung family members are: Chung Ma Piu (Hit Jackpot), Chung Tai Choi (Hit Big Luck), Chung Toto (Hit Toto) & Chung 4D (Hit 4D). They will be there to wish you Good Luck for 2008. Don't worry! One of them will not visit you the whole year - Chung Sam Man is out of town this year. (Words in bracket are literal translation of the Chinese words/terms). Let 2008 be a new beginning for renewed hopes, dreams, ambitions, affirmations, commitments, sacrifice and love. Have a blessed year ahead. Love, peace and tolerance.
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 to all.


  1. Happy New Year Mei! Hope 2008 will be even better than 2007!!! Send my love to the rest of the family too!!

  2. Thanks Bell. Happy New Year to you and Kwang too and are we hearing good news from you soon? Hehehe!

  3. haha! Not anytime soon, don't get too hopeful, you're already an aunt several times over.

  4. I don't mind being an aunt several times more...hehehe!

  5. Not anytime soon, don't get too hopeful, you're already an aunt several times over.


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