Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fisherman Wire Jewelry

Let me introduce you to the "Fisherman Jewelry". These are the two new necklaces I mentioned last night. Was planning for one but turned out two of them. These two are a bit different from my other pretties because I used two metal jigs instead of the usual beads and crystals. I was tempted to buy these jigs when I visited the fishing tackle shop with hubby two weeks ago. Their colors are just too attractive to be ignored although they are a bit in the heavier side. Each of them weigh 28g as indicated near the tail of these jigs. But fishermen are strong man isn't it? So, 28g is no problem to hang around the neck while fishing. Who knows it may bring good landings....:). The beads attached to each of the necklace are clay beads from Vietnam while the chains are stainless steel chains. fishing jig wire wrapped jewelryfishing jig wire wrapped jewelryWhat do you think? Is there a market for fisherman jewelry out there?


  1. I like the fish necklaces! I'd wear them certainly; I like fish after all. I don't know if there's a market out for these, but they -are- unique, hence people might actually like 'em a lot! That's a good idea, visiting the fishing tackle shop...

    And the turquoise necklace is beautiful! So elegant and simple. Would perk up a plain little dress or blouse perfectly.


  2. Certainly interesting twist on jewelery! I'm not sure if I'd wear them myself, but I'm no fisherman! 28g does seem a little on the heavier side but some people like the heavy jewelery. You never know, it might become a new trend!

  3. Not sure whether you are interested but here's a meme:


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