Sunday, December 14, 2008

Back to Wire Weaving and Adjustable Ring

This is sort of like a challenge for me. A customer requested for a cab wrap ala Eni's Square Cab Ring but it has to be adjustable ala Louise's woven wave bypass ring. Was not sure whether I can do it or not but I gave it a try last night and Yippi! its possible. As can be seen here, the square bead is wrapped according to Eni's Square Cab Ring method while the shank is according to Louise's adjustable woven ring method. It was not easy but it is possible. Planning to make another one again. Adjustable wire woven ringAdjustable wire woven ring around my finger Adjustable wire woven ring


  1. It looks beautiful!!! Though the by-pass seems to be pretty wide, so I was wondering if it is comfortable to wear...

  2. Thanks Poranna and yes this ring and in fact all the by-pass ring is very comfortable to wear. You got the feeling of "comfortably fully wrap" when you wear them :)

  3. That is gorgeous craftsmanship you did with the ring. Absolutely beautiful.

  4. Very beautiful, Mei. I am glad you were able to complete it.

  5. Mei

    Your work is always amazing, and this is just another gorgeous piece!

    Carla in Germany

  6. It's a beautiful blending of those two ideas to create something that's uniquely yours - I really like it. Congratulations.


  7. Been a bit behind on this. Sometimes I got distracted and forgot to come back and check on the comments.
    However, I do take note of your comments and appreciate them very much.
    Must learn to respond immediately :) Is that a new year resolution? LOL! the first one for year 2009.


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