Sunday, December 14, 2008

Want to Know How to Catch Crabs?

We used to do this a lot before the boys came along. I think it's earlier than that....about 10 years ago. Hubby and I love to go out fishing, prawn fishing or catch crabs. Then we got busy, then came the first baby then the second and now they are little boys and we are even busier. And of course, in between that I got addicted to wire jewelry....hehehe... Anyway, today hubby decided to go catch crabs and asked me to tag along. So, we did just that (took the older boy along - William). First we went to purchase six crab traps and a stingray head for baiting. Here are pictures showing the whole process.... hooking the shark meat bait in the crab trapseveral crab traps behind the cardropping the crab trap into the waterwaychecking on the crab trapa crab trapped in the trap two crabs trapped in the trap crab catches of the day the cooked crab


  1. Great post! These traps remind me of the lobster traps used around here. The best picture? The final one when the crabs are ready to eat!

  2. Yeap! that is the best part. Yummy! But I love the egg best.....they are bright red but no pix to show it here :)


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