Saturday, December 06, 2008

More Please! Sparklies

For the last two nights, I have been working on these sparklies. 50 of them. Yeah! A whole bunch of them and my fingers are sore from holding the crystals, especially the 4mm Swarovski Crystal while wrapping them. They can be quite painful if you keep holding them on the same spot of your fingertip - in this case the tip of my pointing finger. These are called Sparkly Crystal Ring and they are similar the following which I have done before (Wow! quite a lot of them now that I am listing them here): A bunch of wire wrapped Sparkly Crystal RingHere are few simpler version of the ring as I ran out of 4mm bicone Swarovski Crystal. Still simple and sparkly though. A bunch of wire wrapped Sparkly Crystal Ring A bunch of wire wrapped Sparkly Crystal Ring wrapped with 23ga gold filled wireThey are all wrapped with 23ga gold filled wire, Swarovski Crystals and gold filled metal beads (3mm).


  1. Mei! So many lovely, lovely sparklies! And those wrapped rings are just -gorgeous-, I'm going to maybe have to ask for a commission again some day, me no time to make and nowhere near as nice as those!

    Also? Your sons? CUTE. Been very, very busy lately and sick recently too, but am -finally- trying to start blogging again. Just posted up some of the things I've been working on sporadically.



  2. Welcome back Shuku! Been a while. I hope you are well and fine.


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