Sunday, April 18, 2010

Outing With the Boys - Prawning

We took the boys out for their first prawning (fishing for prawn) experience today.
The spots we went to are several irrigation canals in Samarahan, about an hour drive from the city.
Because the area is low lying, the water is brackish and subject to tide movements.
We used to frequent these places before the boys came along.
Now that they are older, we are introducing them to this activity that we enjoyed so much then.
If they like it, there will be many more weekends like this.
There goes my time for wire jewelry.......
We left at about 1pm and it was a hot! hot! day.
Here are pictures of their/our first prawning experience.
the boys fishing for prawn - prawning
Waiting patiently.
William standing proudly with his fishing rod
William with his first fishing rod and reel.
William scared of the little prawn
Can you believe it? He is so scared of this small little prawn....LOL..
This is the only prawn we caught this trip!
william holding the tmall fish he caught
 His first little fish.
We caught few of this but we released them.
red worm in the bowl with mud as bait
The bait! Only hubby dares to touch and handle them. Yucky!
sitting beside the car while waiting for the strike
More waiting.
wire wrapped rod tip guide on the fishing rod
Look familiar? Yeah, wire wrapped rod tip least my wire wrapping skill still required here...LOL
happy Henry
two boys searching for the best fishing spot
We met these two boys at the same spot.
Both are only 11 years old but they are expert fishermen.
two boys handling the fish net
two boys in the river laying their fishing net
a boy tying his fishing net in place
Henry watching the two boys in the river from the bridge
At the end of the day, they say Yes! they love it and would like to do it again.


  1. What great family photos looks as though everyone had a great time for sure!!! It doesn't surprise me that William would be afraid of the prawn...after all it is a new experience for him...I bet after a few trips he won't be afraid of the prawns and he will be putting the bait on all by himself as well!!! :0)


  2. awww.......your babies! growing proud they are :D they look very happy!


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