Sunday, April 04, 2010

WireBliss Logo I & Facebook Fan Page

WireBliss Logo I
This is what I have been busy with today.
Since this blog makeover last Feb, I have been wanting to create the logo with wire.
Finally did it today with several fine copper wires twisted together.
WireBliss Logo 2010
This is "Logo I" as I foresee more to come, till I am satisfied with it ;D

Facebook Page
Finally got this one up and running too (although I created it many many weeks ago)
For those already became fan, thank you! (although I have not send out invitation :))
Now, I am inviting you all to be on my FB Page.
Click on the above link and it will bring you to my FB Page.
From there just click on "Like" - at top right hand.
Alternatively, you can do it through the widget on the sidebar of this blog.
At the moment its quite empty except for my blog feeds.
Actually, still figuring out how the page works.

If you do not want to be a fan, its ok, you can still opt to follow my blog or subscribe to my feed to get updates from time to time.

Now! Go ahead and enjoy the rest of the weekend cause mine is ending :(
Time to go to "lala land"....zzzzzzz

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  1. I like your wire design certainly have a way with wire!!!

    Joined your FB page...


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