Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Moonstone Prong Ring my Father Made Me

My father is a welder so he works with metal a lot.
He also makes his own jewelry but almost exclusively ring.
Not sure why I didn't catch the jewelry making bug from him back then but he made quite a number of them.
Maybe because he works with stainless steel block and not wire.
As far as I remember, he never sold any of his handmade rings.
He does take his own sweet time in making them though - few months to finish a piece! including my ring here which I collected when we went for our vacation two weeks ago.

This ring (Moonstone) is a special request from me.
He said it's not that well done but I am very happy with it because with this ring I feel a different kind of connection with him...we actually share the same interest..and I am sure I inherited this talent/skill from him...:)
Handmade moonstone prong ring

close up of handmade moonstone prong ring

close up (bottom) of handmade moonstone prong ring
No soldering. The prongs or claws are cut from the same piece that form the ring.
close up of handmade moonstone prong ring around my finger
Now, it stays on my finger! <3


  1. Oh that is beautiful, Mei! My father and I made a drop spindle three years back, and that's always been a very special connection I have to him whenever I use it. He made it with me even though he had no idea what it was and had to listen to me blablabla about the plans. ;)

  2. Beautiful, Mei! So nice that you and your father share a talent for jewelry.

  3. What a beautiful ring must be thrilled! I've no doubt it will always be special to you!


  4. Lovely ring, you must be proud to wear it.


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