Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wire Bookmarks + Alphabets

With all the tablets, pablets, smartphones, computers and e-readers around, I thought bookmarks is an "extinct" species already.

Who needs the old bookmark when you don't read "physical" books, novels, etc. anymore?
I am the first to admit that I have not read a physical book for a very very long time.
8 years maybe.

However, recent request for my wire bookmarks give me some hope that the old bookmark would still be around for a little while :D
Here are a few completed last week.
Wire bookmarks for letter A, Y and R
 For letter A, Y and R
Wire bookmarks for letter A, Y and R and closeup of beads
Cat Eye and fire polished beads.
Wire bookmarks for letter D, E, J
For letter D, E and J.
Stainless steel wire - 16ga.
Tough! but I had fun hammering them :)

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  1. A very nice design, really like the bottom bits, very unique.


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