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Sunday, June 23, 2013

I have been so busy with work that my wire jewelry has taken a back seat for many weeks/months. Nevertheless, I still create a little and surf the web and discover other jewelry websites for inspiration and just to feast on others’ creations.

Now, what do you think of this?
"jewelry is our passion as well as our business"
Awesome? Sounds like me…hehe.
Where did I see this?
Have you ever heard of Fragments?

Well, they've been around for almost 30 years and I am admitting that I just discovered it recently. The “Our Story” page described that Fragments was founded by Janet Goldman back in 1984. Initially created to fill the void in the accessory market, Fragments is now one of the largest retailers in the jewelry industry, selling both fine and fashion jewelry.

Among the most recognizable designers at Fragments is Chan Luu. At least for me.
Who wouldn't recognize Chan Luu and her work?
Her trendy creations (especially the wrap bracelets) are all over the place.

Anyway, as I read on, they say, if you want to be discovered and launched your career in jewelry designing, then get discovered by Fragments first. Many of today’s celebrated fine and fashion jewelry designers have discovered and launched their career through Fragments.
Well, I hope to one day be one of them.

If you’d like to check out some of the designers on the Fragments, click on the "designers" link. Click on the individual designer and you will be brought to their page. Here you can read some background information and find other interesting details such as guilty pleasures and pieces of jewelry he/she never take off, and of course their creations.

Here are some beautiful jewelry by designers at Fragments.
Cayenne Diamond Earrings by Dana Kellin

Golden Leaf Earrings by Arpita Navlakha

Susan Hanover's Vector Cuff

There are many more beautiful jewelries over at Fragments, enough to inspire even if you are not buying.
Happy Sunday!


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