Thursday, June 27, 2013

Switching from Google Reader to Feedly RSS Reader

Its not too late yet if you have not done so.
If you have been using Google Reader to follow your favorite blogs, websites or news sites, its time to switch to an alternative tool to read your subscriptions.

By 1st July, 2013, just few more days to go, Google will retires Google Reader.
Sad! Sad! Sad! but I have come to terms with it.

Nevertheless, there are many alternatives to Google Reader.
Some are free while others are not.
Just google for "alternative for google reader" and you'd be presented with lots of them.
You may want to check them out before deciding.

I personally made the switch to Feedly about a month ago.
Migrating my list to Feedly is easy peasy and so far I have no complaint about it.
In a way, it actually feels like Google Reader.
Otherwise you can tweak the setting to your personal preference.

The migration instructions is available here - Tips for Google Reader users migrating to feedly.

If you are subscriber to my blog, thank you for following and I hope you will continue be one with your new reader.

Alternatively, you may subscribe via email.
To do this, look to my sidebar on the right and the email subscription box is down almost at the center of the sidebar.

My post would appear on my Facebook page as well -

Happy reading.

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