Saturday, August 10, 2013

DIY Simple Stainless Steel Chain Bracelets

I said to myself to post more often.
Said that many many times.
Been weeks since my last post.
Seems like I can only post during long hols and there are lots of catching up to do. There are few projects completed. Pictures were taken but have not gotten around to edit them yet.
Will do that in the next few days.

Here is a simple bracelet project....made for self.
Just feel like wearing something simple.
Its a fast and easy project.
Less than an hour.

Purchased a stainless steel necklace, pry the links apart (that's the hardest part), wrap the stainless clasps and jump rings. myself 3 simple chain bracelets.
Added a huge Amethyst to one of them.
Best thing about them, when I don't want my wrist to be too crowded,
just take off one or two of them :)
Stainless Steel Bracelet by Wirebliss
Stainless Steel Bracelet with Amethyst
3 Stainless Steel Bracelets by Wirebliss
Stainless Steel Bracelet by Wirebliss

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