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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Crosses

Beaded wire wrapped crosses Beaded wire wrapped crosses Last night was spent finishing up few more crosses for a friend. These are all for handphones or anywhere for that matter as long as you can hang them :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Another Cross

wire frame of the crossThe Frame
wire cross with tiger eyesTiger's Eyes?
wire cross with cherry quartzCherry Quartz?
wire cross with Cherry Quartz, amethyst and garnets Finally, its Cherry Quartz, amethyst and garnets
wire cross with Cherry Quartz, amethyst and garnets

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Amerald Faceted Crystal Rosary

Wire wrapped Rosary with deep emerald faceted crystal rondelles and lime colored Czechs fire polished beadsWire wrapped Rosary with deep emerald faceted crystal rondelles and lime colored Czechs fire polished beadsToday I made another rosary. This one is for my sister in-law who is here for a short holiday. This is my favorite one so far. Always fascinated with green. I used the deep emerald faceted crystal rondelles and lime colored Czechs fire polished beads and the contrast gives it a very nice look.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Another Rose Quartz Rosary

Wire wrapped Rosary with Rose QuartzAh well, another rose quartz rosary and this time it is for Swee Lin, my niece. This picture here is however not Swee Lin. She is her younger sister, Mui Mui, turned 10 today. Swee Lin is too camera shy so Mui Mui posed with this rosary on her behalf. Both nieces are here for a short holiday with their mom and grandma. So, its a busy weekend for me. Managed to squeeze some time this morning and evening to get this rosary done. Another one on the way as well for the mom. The close up pic of the rosary is not so good. The color turned up too pale against the orange background. Must remind myself to change the background with lighter color for future photo taking. And for tonight's post, let me introduce you to my little boy - Henry, the younger one. He is two and very "ngiau"........LOL.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Last Weekend Projects

Wire wrapped Rosary with AmethystWire wrapped Rosary with AmethystAge is really catching up with me. Only realized it last weekend and today. The aftermath of a badminton game. I took part in a competition last weekend and now my whole body is aching. What makes it worse is that I only played one set!. Duh! duh! If I was to play more sets, I am quite sure I will be bedridden.......What should I do now? Play and train more, that is the only way to keep fit and ever ready for competition. Not that I am very keen with competition nowadays. Actually I don't like to take part in them anymore especially at this age but sometimes its hard to say no when requested by someone like my FATHER.....Anyway, I just need to convince him that I am not as fit as when I was a teenager or in my earlier 20's. I guess in our parents eyes, we are always young (hehe!). That aside, I performed better in wire jewelry...LOL. I managed to finished the amethyst rosary started last Friday. Just in time for Xmas. Made another two pairs of tiger eyes earrings as well.Wire wrapped tiger eye earringsWire wrapped tiger eye earrings

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Rose Quartz Rosary

Wire Wrapped Rose Quartz RosaryWire Wrapped Rose Quartz RosaryThis rosary is made for my childhood best friend back in Sabah. We have not been keeping in touch (directly) for years until recently when I discovered her online. Most of the time, news of her trickle down to me through third party. She requested for two and I only finished this rose quartz rosary last night. Spent two nights to complete it...or about 5 hours in between tv breaks....

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Wire Wrapped Rosary

Wire Wrapped RosaryWire Wrapped Rosary

David, my colleague owned a broken rosary, with missing beads. Knowing that I love doing wire wrapping, he lets me redo it for him. I looked for suitable beads and reuse the cross and center piece of the rosary (don’t know what it is called). And he was very happy and satisfied with the outcome.

Instead of just bending the wire to link to the next bead, I wire wrapped each one of them individually (see close-up photo). This way the wire will not bend open as in a normal bended wire rosary. I am very sure this rosary will last longer if not for lifetime. Maybe he can inherit it to his son or daughter….just joking.