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Thursday, April 15, 2021

First Appeared at WireBliss - Wire Wrapped Bunga Terung Earrings

Wire Wrapped Bunga Terung Pearl Earrings

New design for a pair of pearl earrings.
Simple one-of-a-kind wire-wrapped Bunga Terung. 
Each Bunga Terung is wire-wrapped with a piece of 20 g stainless steel wire.
While the pearl is wrapped with 24 g wire.
The Bunga Terung itself is about 2 cm in length, end to end.

The wire-wrapped Bunga Terung first appeared here - Bunga Terung link.

Wire-wrapped Pearl Earrings with Bunga Terung design.

Friday, April 09, 2021

Wire Wrapped Project by William

Wire Wrapped Pipa Center Piece, Swarovski Pendant and Earrings

These are William's recent wire wrapping projects.
They are birthday gifts for a friend.
I notice that he has a liking to natural colored stones.
If not mistaken, the stones are Picture Jasper.
The pipa center piece is for a bracelet.
Wire wrapped with 20g brass wire.
The earrings and pendant used 19g (thick!). 
Guess he wants them sturdy :)

Pipa wrapped with picture jasper (matte) for bracelet resting on a stone
20g brass wire used to wrapped this pipa bracelet center piece

Wire wrapped earrings with picture jasper (matte)
Study "S" shaped earrings with 19g wire and Picture Jasper

Wire wrapped pendant with blue and white Swarovski crystals
Simple pendant with Swarovski Crystal and 19g wire

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Wire Wrapped Pipa Earrings by William

Wire Wrapped Pipa Earrings by William

This wire wrapped dangle earrings with Pearl and Amethyst is created by William for his English teacher as a retirement gift last September.

The dangling piece with Amethyst is the Pipa Knot, first introduced by Corra. This knot is very versatile and you can create variations based on your creativity. I used them for bracelets, pendants, clasps and earrings. See some of the variations that I made here - Pipa knot used in various pieces

Wire wrapped Pipa earrings with pearl and amethyst lying on wood surface

Progress of work of the wire wrapped Pipa earrings with pearl and amethyst
▲ Steps in assembling the earring components
William working on his wire wrapped earring
▲The creator (¯`◕‿◕´¯)William(¯`◕‿◕´¯)

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Wire Wrapped Earrings by William

William actually made quite a number of wire jewelry projects when i started to assemble all the pictures he has taken of his projects. Some are made as gifts, made for order as well as lucky draw items at school function.

Wire wrapped pearl earrings - simple but elegant
▲This pearl studs is based on many pieces I have made before. See here
There is a tutorial for this at my Etsy Shop as well - Click here

Must say this is one of my most popular tutorials. It is relatively easy to execute but the end result will always satisfy you or the new owners ❤️️

Wire wrapped earrings with moonstones, amethyst and rutilated stones
▲A bit of twist to the pearl stud above but still the same technique.

Wire wrapped earrings with ceramic beads

Wire wrapped earrings with coral beads

Wire wrapped earrings with paua beads
▲These 3 pairs of wire wrapped dangle earrings are quite straightforward to do. Just pick and choose your preferred stones and wrapped with simple wire wrapped loops. Lastly, hook them to the earring hooks. These are ready made earrings hooks, so it save you a bit of time.

I you prefer all handmade earring hooks, just google how to make your own ear wire and you'd see lots of tutorials for it. 

Wire wrapped earrings with Moonstones

Sunday, September 06, 2020

Up and Coming Wire Jeweler in the House

Introducing someone who has shown interest in this thing called Wire Jewelry. 

He did play around with wire and made me these 2 pairs of 'S' shaped earrings when he's 4 years old. 

two pairs of wire wrapped S earrings with gemstones made by william when he was 4 years old

He is now 17 years old. Time really flies while they are growing. 

He is slowly taking interest in creating wire jewelry again.

Very slowly as he will be sitting for his exam soon.

Here are some of his earlier wire wrapped pieces with stainless steel, copper and brass wires. They were his 2018 year end long school holiday projects. Most of them are practice pieces. Haha, yeah, it took me that long to post them today.

Horoscope themed wire jewelry pieces created by William

Wire wrapped cross and key - samples

Wire wrapped pisces with brass wire

Wire wrapped scorpion with copper wire

Wire wrapped camera and pendant with copper and brass wires

Samples of wirework projects by William

This guy is good with crafting and working with his hands. In his own words, he likes creating "original designs" e.g. wooden crossbow, Katana, knives, mechanical thingy, etc.

Those are for another day posting.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Simple Yet Elegant Studs with Various Stones

Been a while but am still here.
Just showing some simple studs completed quite a while ago.
These are based on the "Simple Yet Elegant" stud earrings lesson.

Simple Yet Elegant Studs wire wrapped with various colored gemstones and pearl

Simple Yet Elegant Studs wire wrapped by WireBliss

Simple Yet Elegant Studs Earrings wire wrapped by WireBliss

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Wire Wrapped Pearl Studs and Tutorial

One of my popular designs - simple yet elegant studs.
Pearl wrapped with 20g wire.
The wraps give them the herringbone weave look.
If you are interested, check out the tutorial here:
Etsy Shop

It is for beginners to intermediate level.
Relatively easy and quick.

Simple yet elegant - pearl studs by WireBliss
Simple yet elegant - pearl studs by WireBliss

Simple yet elegant - pearl studs (bronze) by WireBliss

Close up of Simple yet elegant - wire wrapped pearl studs by WireBliss

Simple yet elegant - pearl stud earrings by WireBliss

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Wire Jewelry - Older Pieces from Simple Yet Elegant Collection

I was "spring cleaning" sort of all my files and bookmarks today and came across some older pictures of some earrings that I have not posted here or anywhere else.
They are from the "Simple Yet Elegant" version.

▼Cherry Quartz - love the color.
Close up of Cherry Quartz wire wrapped earrings by WireBliss
The tutorial for this is available at my etsy and craftsy shops.
Simple Yet Elegant Tutorial at Etsy
The digital file is immediately available for download after purchase.
Fast and easy.

You can make a pair of these wire wrapped earrings by WireBliss in 30 minutes

Instant download is also available at Craftsy, similar with Etsy.

▼Cherry quartz, tiger eyes and turquoise

Wire wrapped earrings by WireBliss

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Wire Jewelry - Several Pairs Dangle Earrings

These are quick projects last month.
Made for SIL and Rachel when they were visiting.
They travel the world.
Wire wrapped dangle earrings by WireBliss

Wire wrapped dangle earrings by WireBliss

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Wire Jewelry - Wire Wrapped Rose Studs

This pair of rose earrings was made a while back.
Pictures were kept to collect dust...haha!
The pair is however with its new owner now.

Wire wrapped with 20 gauge stainless steel wire, this is not a difficult project and does not involve lots of tools.
All you need is wire, wire cutter, something round to act as mandrel (e.g. marker pen), and file for filling the stud's end.

Close up of stainless steel wire wrapped rose studs earrings

I have a tutorial for similar earrings here - click on the links:

Etsy - Rose Earrings Tutorial

I have it at Artfire as well. However, it is easier at Etsy or Craftsy as the tutorial is instantly downloadable. You do not have to wait for me to email you the tutorial. Artfire does not have this facility.

Close up of view of side and bottom of wire wrapped rose studs

Front view of the wire wrapped rose studs by WireBliss with stainless steel wire

Have a great Sunday.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wire Jewelry - Wire Wrapped Turquoise Studs

Hello, long time no see!
July is already coming to an end.
Half of 2016 is gone and it really feels like we are rushing to December.

Hopefully, the next half year would be more productive for you and me.

Meanwhile, here are 3 pairs of studs that I actually get done a while back.
See you soon.
Turquoise wire wrapped earrings with lots of swirls

Turquoise wire wrapped earrings with lots of swirls

Front view of Turquoise wire wrapped earrings with lots of swirls

Turquoise wire wrapped earrings with lots of swirls

Simple Turquoise wire wrapped earrings with small swirls in front

Simple Turquoise wire wrapped earrings with small swirls in front

Turquoise wire wrapped earrings with small swirls in front

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Wire Jewelry - Purple Cat Earrings

By now, you must be very bored with my cat earrings postings.
Before I bore you some more, here is a bit about the city I live in - Kuching
Kuching City is in the State of Sarawak, Malaysia.

Kuching is a Malay word for Cat, therefore Kuching City is Cat City, literally translated.
There are many theories as to the origin of the City. You can read them here.
Not all are related to cats though.

You must be thinking that we have many cats roaming the city to be called a Cat City.
Not really, but you can find other types of cat all over the city such as this one here.

Cat shaped plants along Jalan Tun Abdul Razak Kuching

These green cats are found at a traffic light junction.
There must be over twenty of them watching over the traffic :)

We also have a muzium dedicated to cats - the Kuching Cat Museum.
Don't expect to find live cats here though.
Check out the above link or just google for Kuching Cat Museum to get an idea.

Enough of Cat City, back to another pair of my wire wrapped cat earrings.
This time around wire wrapped with 20g stainless steel and a purple gemstone.

Wire wrapped cat earrings with Amethyst

Wire wrapped cat earrings with Amethyst

The Amethyst looks better in the above picture.
Must be the background light.

Close up of Wire wrapped cat earrings with Amethyst

Wire wrapped cat earrings with Amethyst

Come visit the Cat City :)

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Wire Jewelry - Still with Cat Earrings

I am still not done with wire wrapped cat earrings.
Hope I am not booooring you with all the kitties:)

This time around, only the head with tiny body.

If you don't know yet, I work almost exclusively with stainless steel wire.
This is 20 gauge round wire.
They are flattened with lots of hammering.

Cute ya???
Wire wrapped cat earrings by the window

Wire wrapped cat earrings

Wire wrapped cat earrings

Wire wrapped cat earrings

Wire wrapped cat earrings