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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ever Versatile Pearls

Sunday inspiration.
Still with stringing.
This time around for these two pearl necklaces, one multi strand and one single strand.

Since I have been making lots of stringing jewelry lately, (yeahsome I didn't even bother to take pictures of and post here), I will be posting a short DIY tutorial on how I normally string necklaces and bracelets.
So, stay tune and have a great Sunday.
Multistrand Pearl Necklace by WireBliss
Not all rounded but still beautiful nevertheless

Closeup of Multistrand Pearl Necklace by WireBliss

Single strand Pearl Necklace by WireBliss
More uniform roundness but not that smooth, but still beautiful :)

Lobster Clasp for Pearl Necklace by WireBliss
Lobster clasp is more user friendly. Stainless steel beads and split ring too

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Wire Wrap Porcelain Bead Pendant

How time flies.
Tomorrow (Sunday) is the 15th day i.e. last day of Chinese New Year.
In the last 15 days..... actually more than that, I have not touch my pliers, wires and stones.
I miss them of course.
They are just sitting there waiting for me.
Soon, soon! Coming soon.

This piece of wire wrap porcelain pendant was completed last month.
Simple coiling and wire wrapping.

Wire wrap porcelain pendant by Wirebliss

Wire wrap porcelain pendant with coiled wires

Have a great weekend.
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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Should I or should I not?

The Valentine's Sales at my Artfire shop ended today.
Well, what can I say?
The sales is quite disappointing.
Maybe on my part I didn't do enough marketing.
Maybe people are not interested with DIY wire jewelry anymore, or maybe the market is saturated with too many projects? Or people just don't have the time.
I am contemplating shutting down my Artfire Shop.
It is not making enough to cover the monthly fee.

Do you have a store at Artfire?
How's your sales at Artfire?
If you have both Artfire and Etsy, which one is doing better?
I seems to get customers organically to my Etsy shop but not Artfire.
In fact, compared to Etsy, Artfire is easier to make purchase as it doesn't requires you to register.
Should I or should I not?

On another note, if you are still doing Valentine's shopping, and would like something different from Etsy and Artfire, you may want to check out Wholesale Jewellery. There is a section for Valentine's jewelry as well.

Before I sign off, here is a recently completed wire wrap New Zealand jade (or green stone) pendant for your inspiration.
This is done using the netted method similar to this turquoise pendant.
Love the green color.

wire wrap, viking knit NZ jade pendant

wire wrap, viking knit NZ jade pendant

wire wrap, viking knit NZ jade pendant, side view

Monday, January 21, 2013

Wire Wrap Bail - Wired Rose Motif

Something different this time around.
So far I have only designed my wired rose around rings and earrings.

Here, I managed to twist the wire into a rose's motif bail. The glass bead is rather large and I think the steel rose really complement the blooms on the bead :)

If you would like to learn how to make this wire rose (not this bail though),
you can get the tutorials for 25% less starting today.
I am having a SALES at my Artfire Shop - click here right now! or the direct links down here:
Wire Wrap Rose Ring Tutorial
Wire Wrap Rose Earrings Tutorial

Wired Rose Bail by WireBliss

Wired Rose Bail by WireBliss

Close up of Wired Rose Bail by WireBliss

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Netted Turquoise Pendant

What to do on a wet rainy Sunday morning?
Nothing much outside the house.
Not that I do a lot of things outside the house like...... gardening,
but I am referring to things like going to the market, coffee shop, etc. etc.
Since I am stuck in the house, I shall post this recently completed wire wrap turquoise pendant.
A large and heavy piece but attention grabbing nevertheless.

a large viking knit turquoise pendant

Close up of a large viking knitted turquoise pendant

Side view of a large viking knitted turquoise pendant

Its noon time already....yeah...i got distracted elsewhere while posting this.
Time to think what to have for lunch.
See you next time.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Of Failure, Pearls and Sparklies

Ah...I have been slacking in this posting department for a while now.
Inspiration seems to be taking a back seat for the last few months.
Few days ago I tried something "new", well not really "new" but failed miserably.
It was a request for wire names and I can't seems to get the letters right.
I thought it would be easy but I was wrong. Gave up altogether and feel very disappointed with myself.

Well, Christmas and New Year are just around the corner.
There are still few more pieces to work on and hopefully they all turn out beautiful.

At least these here turn out beautifully :)
Stringed pearl necklace with a wire wrap infinity clasp.
Stringed pearl necklace with wire wrap infinity clasp by WireBliss
 Close up of the infinity clasp.
Close up of wire wrapped pearl infinity clasp

Again, I have made lots of this sparkly wire wrap rings, if you have been following my postings. Probably the most popular and you are getting bored seeing the same rings again hahaha...
Sparkly wire wrap rings with 14k gold filled wire and beads

However, this ring is quite quick and easy to make. As such, it will make great last minute gifts, if you are a very last minute person like me.
Hehe! can't resist doing shameless self promotion here.
I have a step by step pictorial tutorial for this ring at my Etsy shop, click the link here - Sparkly Crystal Ring Tutorial

Close up of sparkly wire wrap rings with 14k gold filled wire and beads

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Wire Wrap Donut Pendants

Took me few days to come up with this design.

You see, there are many ways to wrap a donut pendant. The easiest is to coil the wire several times around the donut and you are done. Simple, easy and fast.

I like my donut to be able to turn freely around the wrap when done.
So, its worth the wait and I am quite happy with this design.
Wire wrapped donut pendant by WireBliss

This blue stone is a commissioned piece.

The rutile donut belongs to yours truly.
My constant companion :)

This pendant went through several changes over the years. You can see it here (simple wrap that didn't last very long) and here (also didn't last long...I change my mind rather fast...hehe).

The third and last design lasted several years (the longest) but I can't seems to find any picture of it here.....ish! ish!

The wire wrapping is similar to this one here though (the yellow stone on top).

Wire Wrap Rutilated Donut by WireBliss

Wire Wrap Donut by WireBliss - Rutilated Quartz
Enjoy your week.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Wire Weave Stud Earrings and Cross - Lapiz Lazuli

I have written about Lapiz Lazuli
previously – Lapiz as Healing Stone.
Well, it didn't get rid of my migraine
headache…yet….because I don’t put it on all the time but who knows.

However, I am still in awe with this dark blue gemstone which is regarded as a stone of truth and friendship and believe to helps the wearer to be authentic and allow self-expression/confidence.

Few months back, I purchased a teardrop and oval shaped Lapiz suitable for pendant and ring. Been meaning to wire wrap them for self but as usual, many ideas ran through my head when I first saw them but once they reached home, they’ll be sitting in the box for many moons to come…haha....bad habit.

These pair of wire weaved stud earrings and cross is commissioned by a friend. I employed the weaving technique for the cross as well as the Herringbone weave for studs.
Herringbone wire weaved stud earrings, Lapiz Lazuli

How do you like the earrings?
Me too…I love it…hehe
Notice the tiny golden shimmer?
They are not gold, how I wish, but pyrites.

Wire weaved cross with Lapiz Lazuli

Today is my favorite day....yay its Friday!
Don't we all look forward to Friday :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Twice Around the World (TAW) Necklace

It seems like rainy season is here.
We have been experiencing a lot of rain lately. Mostly in late afternoon.
Just nice to bring down the temperature at night including tonight :)

While you are enjoying a cool night too, here is a recently completed necklace.
A Twice Around the World (TAW) wire wrap necklace.
Stones are Tiger's Eye, red and golden.

If you'd like to learn how to make the TAW component of this necklace, check out the tutorial here.
Twice Around the World (TAW) Wire Wrapped Tiger Eyes Necklace

Twice Around the World (TAW) Wire Wrapped Tiger Eyes Necklace

Somehow, I am feeling very sleepy now.
Must be the weather.
Signing off here, off to zzz land.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Wire Wrap Malachite Necklace & Murano Bracelet

Look at these.
They have been sitting around in the hard drive for a while.
I totally forgotten about them....erm....blame that on "time" again and forgetfulness...hehehe.
Anyway, this wire wrap necklace is of Malachite and "yet to remember the name of the stone". Duh! 
Its pale blue in color....I think the name has something to do with "water".
I'd appreciate it very much if any of you know the name of this stone and care to let me know in the comment section. Thanks.
Wire wrapped Malachite necklace

Wire wrapped Malachite necklace

I ever made an almost similar bracelet before.
The same Murano Glass Bead with some handmade hammered wire charms.
Hammering wire is very therapeutic :)
Murano Glass Bracelet

Murano Glass Bracelet and wire charms

Murano Glass Bracelet and wire charms

Sunday, December 11, 2011

3 Wire Wrap Rings and Something for Myself

WIREBLISS ARTFIRE SALE is STILL ON TILL 20th DECEMBER 2011 (Yeah! I fixed the date)
Now proceed with inspirations!
Got to post this before I proceed with other things.
Yeah! Hope I am not boring you with these rings :)
Two Adjustable Wire Wrap Beaded Ring, a fruity ring and something for myself.
The tutorial for this Adjustable Ring is currently at $3.75 (Was $5.00)
Check it out at my Artfire Studio.

Adjustable Wire Wrap Beaded Ring

Adjustable Wire Wrap Beaded Ring

Adjustable Wire Wrap Beaded Ring

Adjustable Wire Wrap Beaded Ring

Adjustable Wire Wrap Beaded Ring

Here's something for myself.
Remember the Peace Pendant from NanoStyle?
Look what I've done to it. It has got lots of friends.
Attached it to a long chain and I can put on and take off anytime in a second.
Going to add some lively colors to it later on.
For now, I will enjoy the "dull" color ;)
Peace pendant

Peace pendant

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wire Wrap Crystal Pendant - Triplets

We all have our own Thanksgiving Day and today its our US friends' turn.
Based on my little knowledge and understanding, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in the United States every 4th Thursday in month of November.
So, I am taking this opportunity to wish Happy Thanksgiving Day to all friends and readers from the US.
Here in Malaysia, we celebrated our Thanksgiving Day back in Sept 12 (15th day of 8th lunar month), commonly known as Mid-Autumn Festival or the Moon Cake Festival. Well, as the name indicated, we celebrated with lots of mooncakes and lanterns :) More on Moon Cake Festival here.
Mid-Autumn Festival or the Moon Cake Festival

Back to wire jewelry, here is a recently completed crystal pendant.
They are triplets.
The crystals are rather small and quite difficult to work with.
However, as I don't want to disappoint a friend and myself, I managed to wire wrap them nicely.
Yes! I can do it! hahaha...just giving encouragement to self :)

Wire wrapped crystal pendants

Wire wrapped crystal pendants

Happy Holidays and have a great day.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Back to School and Peace Pendant

When the boys start school earlier this week after a week long holiday, it means back to busy time for me.
Besides work, basically its back to the routine of dropping and picking up the boys from schools.
Morning is not so much of a problem as I drop Henry at his kindy on the way to work.
At noon time, I have to rush to pick him up and drop him off at home by 12:30pm. As he gets out of the car, William gets in and off we go as he is in the afternoon session which starts at 12:45pm. After dropping him off, normally just on the dot, I'll drive straight to office, grab a quick lunch (normally tapao / take away) and back to work - all within 1 hour, provided there is no traffic jam.
That's basically my day on week days.
Now you know why I am always looking forward to weekends and holidays....hehehe.
I am sure there are many parents in similar situations as I am but that is part of life over here.
Not sure about other places though....maybe you can share.
Enough rambling, here is what we really need - PEACE - at home or outside home.
This wire wrapped Swarovski Crystal peace pendant was completed a while back but it got pushed back and back till now.
Wire wrapped colorful Swarovski Crystal peace pendant

Wire wrapped colorful Swarovski Crystal peace pendant

wire wrapped colorful Swarovski Crystal peace pendant on my palm
Its quite large, about 5cm in diameter but it is meant to grab attention :D
Have a PEACEful day!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reminder to Self and Friends & a Wire Wrap Green Pendant

There are so many things in my mind the last few days (till now and probably in the next couple of weeks/months maybe....hmmm), but I just got to tackle them one at a time.
Go! go! can do it. Yeah!
Need some self-encouragement here.
OK, first thing first.
Have you heard that Artfire Basic Account, which till now is free will be retired on the 15th August?
After the 15th, all NEW pro seller will have to pay $11.95 monthly.
If you have been considering to open an Artfire shop, just a gentle reminder (I am not getting anything from Artfire for this :D) to please do so before the 15th and you would lock your monthly rate at $9.95.
Remember! Before the 15th of August - click here brings you to Artfire registration page.
Ok, Done my part to help you save $2 every month :)

Now, here is sharing with you an Aventurine pendant with wire weaved bail.
Looks easy but spent hours to get the balance weave.
In the process, wasted some amount of wires.
Adventurine pendant with wire weaved bail

Those round beads are stainless steel beads.
Cute! Look like grapes.

Close up of the wire woven bail of the Adventurine pendant

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wire Wrapped Jade Donut Pendant

I have been slack in updating this blog lately but I hope it will pick up soon....mmmm...been saying this for the hundredth times? :) but I hope you don't mind and keep reading or at least look at the pictures posted here to get inspired.....
This is a commissioned jade pendant. Completed just before we went off for our two weeks holidays.
wire wrapped jade donut pendant
wire wrapped jade donut pendant
Side view, kind of complicated but not really...just follow the flow.
view of the little spiral behind the wire wrapped jade donut pendant
View of the back...simply a little spiral.
side view of the wire wrapped jade donut pendant
Side view of the back, not as complicated.
Have a great weekend dear readers!