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Sunday, April 08, 2012

How Many Round Beads on a 16" Strand?

Wonder no more.
The answer is between 34 to 203 beads, depending on the size of the beads of 2mm to 12 mm.
How big is a 2mm or 12mm beads? Well 2mm is tiny while 12mm is about the size of a peanut but this is only my guesstimate. To be exact, get the ruler or caliper.
Anyway, Szarka has a great article on the above at her site.
Head down to Magpie Gemstones and you shall find answers to these burning questions.
There are great conversion Charts by Dr. Karen Meador of Dreamcatcher Designs as well as Madeline Hoffman.
Here is a glimpse of the chart indicating the number of beads on a 16" Strand by Dr. Karen.
Chart indicating the number of beads on a 16" Strand

For bead strands of less than 16" i.e. 14" and 15", Madeline Hoffman has a chart workout for us.
For anything shorter, I guess we have to count manually....hehehe..just joking.
I actually do this

Thanks Szarka and Dr. Karen for sharing this informative article.

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

An Email that Made my Day

Just sharing an email that I received this morning from Tina.
She is so kind to let me post it here.
Thanks Tina!

Let me tell you, I take my hat off and salute you.  This is a fabulous, artistic, and beautiful tutorial (Tina is referring to the Twice Around the World (TAW) Bracelet Tutorial).  Not to mention that is not hard as long as one follows your very clear instructions and pictures.  It also and leaves room for other projects using the same link.

You are great.  I will be doing it tomorrow because I believe this project deserves to be done in silver and/or gold filled wire. with round gem beads.  At the moment I ran out of the last one.

I love your tutorials and will appreciate if you keep me posted for any new one that may come out. 
My Artfire Studio SALE is still on till the 20th Dec.
25% off all tutorials including this TAW Bracelet Tutorial.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Beads! Beads! Beads! Abuzz

The Borneo International Beads Conference.
Took place last weekend.
Last year was held in Miri, about an hour by air from Kuching.
So this year, I made sure I don't miss it since its in Kuching.
Sad! Sad!, I only managed about half an hour there, before its time to pick the boy from his Taekwando.
Borneo International Beads Conference
Click picture for larger view.
 Intricate beadwork from our very own Sarawak.
Intricate beadwork from our very own Sarawak
(Click picture for larger view)
More beads from Borneo.
Intricate beadwork from our very own Sarawak
(Click picture for larger view)
These bead works are from South Africa and Kenya.
The top most are peacock necklace from South Africa.

Very detailed and intricate work.
I was told it takes about a week to complete one.
Copper and silver wire jewelry from Indonesia
:) my favorite stall that displayed lots of Copper and silver wire jewelry from Indonesia.
Look familiar? The rose pendant at the top right corner :)
Lots of wire weaving and coiling there.
Another beautiful native beads from Borneo
Another beautiful native beads from Borneo.
About 10mm or larger each.
You have a great weekend.
I am looking forward to it....working on my next wire jewelry tutorial :)

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Beautiful Wire Works and Inspirations

Do you know what is so great about wire jewelry?
:) Ok, one of them is that you make many friends (some may say including enemies!) from all over the world.
Of course with the great help from internet. Without it, there will be no friends, or maybe not as many :)
I befriended a very talented wire jewelry artist from Italy recently. So, in this post I would like to introduce you to Giorgia Iorio who owns the blog Fili d' Argento. Well, her blog is in Italian but that doesn't matter because by looking at her creations, the language barrier is not that important anymore.
There are apps to translate foreign languages to your language quite easily - try Google translate.

This is what Giorgia has to say about this art form - "I like precision, the wire must be perfect......"
Well, I'll let pictures of her creations do the talking and show you what she meant by this.
Aren't they all works of AWESOME perfectness :)? Check out her wire animals and cartoon characters....cute and inspiring.
These are just few of her works, get inspired at her blog - Fili d'Argento.
Thank you Giorgia for letting me share your work.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Wire Jewelry Friends Sharing Their Works - Wire Wrap Roses

This post started this morning but only got to be completed tonight.Life been crazy busy since last week but its almost Saturday...weekend :)
Not busy with wire jewelry, though I wish it was.
Where have all the time gone?
I am still way behind in so many things.
September is coming to an end and soon it will be Christmas!
Duh! Where have all the time gone???
Sorry I am repeating this question.

Enough of rambling.
Actually I would like to share the works of Pamela of Willow Walker Designs and Jennifer of Brain of Jen today. Pam makes fused glass, wire wrap and bead work. In her Etsy Profile, Pam says - I have a romantic, dreamy side that loves flights of fantasy, fairy tales, princesses and science fiction-fantasy. I think it shows in this pair of earrings that she made.
Thank you for sharing this lovely piece of wire work Pam.
Jen's Slave Bracelet

This one here is Jen's Slave Bracelet. Jen likes to mix and match to create something new out of them. Using this wire wrap roses as "bead" is something new, even for me. Lots of potential there.
Thank you for sharing and inspiring Jen.

Jen's wire wrapped roses
This is what creativity and inspiration is all about, don't you agree?
Happy and productive weekend my dear readers!

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Wire Wrap Roses by Karnaaks
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Saturday, July 17, 2010

She Did it Again! - Wire Wrapped Cross Pendant & TAW Bracelet

Hi all. I am back but been feeling tired for the last three days.
Not enough sleep and lots of work to catch up with.
Have not been touching my stones and beads for a couple of days and I am missing them already.
But weekend is very near.
Since I don't have anything to share for the time being, here is sharing with you what the very talented Emily of Emily Secret Passion been up to <3
This time around she made the Swirly Wire Wrapped Cross Pendant based on this Wire Wrapped Cross Pendant Tutorial.
Swirly Wire Wrapped Cross Pendant by Emily
and the TAW Bracelet based on the TAW Bracelet Tutorial.
TAW Bracelet by Emily

Like many of us, Emily is self-taught and she is very very talented.
Just look at her pretties on her blog here - Emily's Secret Passion.
Thank you for sharing Emily and I am very proud of you.
Happy weekend folks :)

Friday, July 02, 2010

Szarka! Magpiegemstones - They are here, Clay Jeani, Turquoise & Pearl

The rocks are here :D Thank you Szarka! I love them all especially the Clay Jeanie pendant and Turquoise beads. If you are wondering what I am talking about, they are the free gemstone beads giveaway that I won from Magpie Gemstones, an online gemstone beads and accessories supply shop owns by Szarka, who is also a very talented and one of a kind jewelry designer.
I always drool over her would too if you are at her shop :) .....and today they are here.....Turquoise, Clay Jeani Pendant and Pearl.

Clay Jeanie pendant from Szarka

Holding the Clay Jeanie pendant from Szarka
Close up of the Clay Jeani Pendant....just awesome and fine workmanship!
I never own anything like this before. So, so, so happy ;D.
Now I got to think of how to wire wrap and assemble them into a beautiful one of a kind piece of jewelry.
Looks like it won't be easy. There are just so many ways and possibilities.
Got to find "that" wrap :)

I got to know Szarka back in 2006/07 when I just got hooked with wire jewelry. Though I've never met her in person, I know she is a very friendly, honest and nice lady...with lots of sense of humor too :)

If you would like to have the opportunity to win some free gemstones beads (monthly) or free shopping spree (worth $200, twice a year) or free jewelry making tutorials, or free information or just want to make friends with Szarka, check them out here -

Thank you again Szarka.
Will post the finished piece when I am done with it :)

To all readers, have a great weekend.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Revisited - Iza's Woven Bead Cap but (but flattened), Rose Quartz

There are many wire jewelry artists that I admire and get inspiration from since I got addicted to wire.
As some of you may have known, I admire Iza Malczyk tremendously and I dream (since 2007) to be like her one day (still daydreaming :)).
There are many pieces that I made inspired by her creations as well as her tutorials. 
And here is the most recent one. This is based on the Woven Bead Cap Tutorial but instead of a cap, its flattened to become a spiral.
Now that I am looking at it, I should have weave the spiral tighter i.e smaller gaps between the wires. Hm...but I think it still looks great this way :)
Iza's Woven Bead Cap but (but flattened), Cherry Quartz and dyed coral beads
Iza's Woven Bead Cap but (but flattened), Cherry Quartz and dyed coral beads
This is the wire wrapped pendant attached to it, giving weight to the woven spiral. Or else, the woven spiral by itself will be too light to hang nicely down the neck.
Its Cat's Eye with Cherry Quartz and dyed coral beads on both top and bottom.
I added some chain to the bottom of this pendant too because without it, the pendant look "incomplete". That is just what I feel :)
Iza's Woven Bead Cap but (but flattened), Cherry Quartz and dyed coral beadsbeaded clasp and wire wrapped 10mm Rose Quartz
More chains for the back of the necklace, beaded clasp and wire wrapped 10mm Rose Quartz.
Somehow the pink of the Rose Quartz don't stand out in these pictures. They look too pale.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures and get inspired by this post.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

TAW Wire Wrapped Bracelet by Connie

Connie is so kind to share with me photos of her TAW wire wrapped Bracelet made based on my TAW Bracelet Tutorial. She made two of them but they are still without the clasps. Nevertheless, she did very well for a first try and I am very proud of her :)
Connie told me she would only be able to complete them in two or three weeks time as she will be away.
I can't wait that long :) so I said I will show them off first and will re-post the completed pieces later when she is done with them.
TAW wire wrapped Bracelet by Connie

TAW wire wrapped Bracelet by Connie
This picture is a bit blurry.
Have great weekend all.
If you are interested with the tutorial for the this Bracelet, click on this link below
TAW Wire Wrapped Bracelet Tutorial at Etsy

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cheryl's Sparkly Crystal Rings

This post should have been out earlier.
I received an email from Cheryl with attached pictures of her first attempt of the Sparkly Crystal Ring based on my tutorial. I was stuck in a hotel room in Bintulu with lousy wifi connection so didn't manage to blog about it.
Back home, I got distracted by work and an urgent custom order it is...
Don't you feel energize with the color combination?
Very well executed for a first try. 
Cheryl's Wire Wrapped Sparkly Crystal Rings
Cheryl's Wire Wrapped Sparkly Crystal Rings
I did not see them there last week but now Cheryl has few of them in her shop - Sugar Sugar Designs
The extra coils for the shank make the ring more sturdy.
All the best for you Cheryl.

I have forgotten how many of other jewelry friends' creations I have posted here but I will never get tired of showing off your works :)
So, if you have pretties made based on my tutorial/s, show them off!
I'd love to show them off here for you too. Just email me pictures of your piece/s.
If you have website, webshop, blog, etc, let me know too and I can link to them in the post.
Good for you and good for me :D

If you would like to try making this sparkly ring, check out the tutorial at my Etsy Shop - Sparkly Crystal Ring Tutorial

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Chap Goh Meh, Caged Pendant and Whimsicalnquirky

Happy Chap Goh Meh! the 15th night of Chinese New Year. It is also known as the Chinese Valentine's Day and marks the end of the Lunar New Year. In places like Penang, the celebration is associated with young single women tossing tangerines into the sea with the hope that their future life partner will pick it up. Not sure if they do it here in Kuching though.
We celebrated quite simply with family dinner, fired a few firecrackers and took the boys for a spin around town, watching firecrackers lighting up the city's skyline.
The moon is brightest tonight and people are still lighting up the sky with fire crackers as I am typing this. Tomorrow, it is time to go back to life as usual, back to work, back to business and no more long holidays.
I didn't manage to make any wire jewelry today but am sharing one that I completed yesterday - a caged turquoise pendant, similar to this one.
Used 22ga wire for the wrapping.
a caged turquoise pendant
a caged turquoise pendant
a caged turquoise pendant
Hey look what M of Whimsicalnquirky came up with - Rosy Bliss based on my Wire Wrapped Rose Earrings Tutorial :) While you are there, do check out her amazing works. 
Thank you for sharing this M :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Christmas from WireBlissMei

Here is wishing you a  Very Happy Christmas!
To both you and your families, my greetings and best wishes for the Christmas period. 
For New Year 2010, may you be blessed with good health, prosperity, happiness, abundance creativity, inspiration and beautiful wire jewelry creations.
wire wrapped cross was completed recently for its tutorial
This wire wrapped cross was completed recently for its tutorial. Since its almost end of 2009, I will bring this project to next year :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wire Wrapped Rose Earrings and Brooch

Back when I just started with wire jewelry over 3 years ago, one of the first people I got to know is Kulli (Karnaaks) from Estonia. She especially love my Twice Around the World Bracelet. :) Be patience a bit ya Karnaaks! I should get started with the tut soon.
We lost touch for a while, then we got connected via Facebook. But then I just don't get to read all the fresh feeds each day. Most of the time I missed out on these feeds and happenings, including hers.
Recently though we got in touch again when she shared with me her wire wrapped rose earrings and brooch. She did them her way and they are some beautiful variations.
Here are some pictures of her creations. Hope you got inspired by them.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Amber Wire Wrap Post Earrings

Kerri of Beadworks by Kerry recently shared with me her Amber Wire Wrap Post based on my Top Wrapped Stud Earrings Tutorial. Here are pictures of the wrapped post by Kerri. There are more pictures at her Etsy Shop.
This beauty makes my hand itchy to go make some studs soon.
While you are at Kerri's Etsy Shop, do check out here awesome bead works. I especially like this Beadwoven Cobalt Blue and Emerald Green Necklace. If you would like to find out more about  Kerri 's journey, she also has a blog -
Kerri, thank you for sharing.
Happy weekend all! 

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wire Wrapped Rose Earrings & Rings by You

Here are some feedback I received on the Wire Wrapped Rose Earrings Tutorial:
I love it! It's so easy and the results are gorgeous! - Dana of Colors of the Wood

Not a day has passed from buying tutorial and I have a new pair of earring already! Such fun to make and very easy instructions to follow,thank you :) - Theresa's Crafty Place

Excellent quality easy to follow instructions and photos. Thank you - Carol'sStudio
Here are pics of the earrings by Dana and Ginny:
wire wrapped rose earrings by Dana and Ginny
Dana been working hard and created several pieces of them - rose rings and earrings.

wire wrapped rose earrings by Dana
 wire wrapped rose earrings by Dana
Ginny added bead dangles on them. I think they are really sweet.
Thank you all for sharing.

If you are interested check out the tutorial at my Etsy Shop -
wire wrapped rose earrings tutorial

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Genny's World - Sparkly Crystal Ring

I kept forgetting to post this wire wrapped sparkly ring made by Genny of Genny's World.  

Genny said:

"......I have to say I love the ring! I made one very easily following your step by step instructions and it came out more beautiful than I could have expected!
I've since made a couple more. I need to buy some more supplies so I can get more of a variety. Thank you again for all the work you put into writing your concise tutorials. They make it so much fun to make jewelry! Genny"
Thank you Jenny for sharing this Sparkly Crystal Ring of yours ;D
Happy weekend all!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wire Wrapped Butterfly Pendant by Emily

Emily did it again! I posted her other creations before - Wire Wrapped Tulip Pendant, Athena's Shield, Caged Herringbone Weaved Bead, Sparkly Ring and Rose Ring. She is getting better and better each day. Just look at her Wire Wrapped Butterfly Pendant below. Honestly, her butterfly looks prettier than mine :) Well done Emily! and thank you for sharing. Wire Wrapped Butterfly Pendant by Emily Check out other wire wrapping tutorials in my Etsy Shop.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Lecia's Sparkly Crystal Ring

Another artist I get to know through my Sparkly Crystal Ring Tutorial is Lecia of Lecia's Designs. This picture here is the Sparkly Crystal Ring made by Lecia. Very well done Lecia! :) Besides creating jewelry, Lecia is a lampwork artist. She showcases here creations at her website. I browsed around and found myself at her studio, and all I can say is WOW!, wish one day I'll receive similar birthday present :). If you read my post the other day - work station - you'll know why. This are Lecia's comments on the tutorial:
This tutorial is easy to follow, well illustrated and written. I had a ring made in less than 15 mins. TY! Thanks again for a fabulous tutorial! I will be making those rings for a long time, the ladies love them!
Yeap! The ladies really love this ring. Same here. Thank you Lecia for allowing me to share this.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

"Lucky Stones"

Any idea what stone is this? The man said its "Lucky Stone". Well! I hope so! Purchased this "Lucky Stone" pendant while I was in Miri last week. Anyway, I bought it because of the intricate design, hand-carved and I was born in the year of "Sheep".
Intricate designed, hand-carved and "Sheep" pendantThe artist at work. He is from China and claimed to have started carving since 5 years old. WOW! Notice the scar on the hand. Those are burnt marks due to lightning and fire one fateful day while he was digging for this "Lucky Stone". His right hand is hidden under the table cloth the whole time we were there. That's what got us curious and asked him why! Keipo! But, we were in awe of his talent, skill and workmanship, and the pendant is worth its $$$ after seeing what he has to go through for the love of the art and to earn a living.
talented and skillful crafter working at his stall some of the stone pendants on display

Monday, June 29, 2009

Don's Bow Earrings - Wire Wrapped Stud Earrings

Louise and Don are very talented wire artists that I got to know from one of the jewelry forums that I joined. I feel very honored that they are interested with my Wire Wrapped Stud Earrings Tutorial :) The amazing thing is Don came up with his own version of the stud earrings with the addition of "LITTLE BOWS". Very cute aren't they?! Louise said:
"You know Don, if he can tie a knot, he will"
Wire Wrapped Stud Earrings with Bows by DonLouise and Don also write tutorials. I have both and they are both a hit! If you have the time, do check them out at their FB - Kingfisher Designs. Their tutorials are very well written, easy to understand and I can assure you that you will be able to create the projects taught with flying colors. Here are their tutorials: Woven Wave Ring - Adjustable and versatile. Very popular! My version, quite a few of them and here are just some of them. Tucuman Bracelet - Very unique and one of a kind. My versions here and here. I should revisit these two designs. Been a while. WireBlissMei